Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Crowd-sourcing research on Article 14

Dear readers,

I am working on a chapter on Article 14 for a Handbook. Trying to write a reasonable comprehensive piece on an Indian constitutional provision (rather than a focussed journal article) has been quite instructive: one is drowned by the volume of case law (even if you focus only on the Supreme Court) and the paucity of good quality secondary commentary.

Through this post I am seeking your help with the latter. Given the absence of reliable and quality law journals in India, most of the good scholarship is scattered all over the place. I have discovered some gems because some friend mentioned it to me, and there was no way I would have discovered it on my own. Hence this request: if you know any good scholarship on Article 14 of the Indian constitution (or even a lesser known but useful case), will you please leave a reference in a comment? If I use the material and if you leave a name, I will gratefully acknowledge your contribution.

I am also considering using a wiki method to crowd-source a reading list on Indian constitutional law more generally. But this larger project is for another day.

Thank you!
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