Friday, March 28, 2014

Standard Indian Legal Citation Launches

Standard Indian Legal Citation (SILC) launched earlier this week at a number of law schools in India. SILC is a legal citation system created by some recent law graduates and law students for the Indian context. It's free and much shorter than the Blue Book. The above link is to SILC's website where you can download a beta version of the manual. I know they are actively looking for feedback on how to improve the citation system and to get more law schools, law faculty, and law students involved.

Having both taught in Indian law schools and worked at the Indian Supreme Court I can vouch for the myriad of ways that citation is done, or not done, in the country. Sometimes you can find the source quickly from a cite, sometimes you are left scratching your head. Other times you just wish there was a cite. I believe SILC is first targeting law schools to introduce standardized citation, but I hope their efforts move shortly to the courts. Although I am not nit-picky about citation I have found poor citation often indicates that arguments are not rigorously supported. I think clarity on how to cite would not only save the reader time, but also the writer as it's often unclear how one is suppose to cite when one is writing a legal document in India leaving one hoping that they have adopted the correct system (Blue Book, OSCOLA, what you just invented, etc.) I also very much support SILC's commitment to keep the manual free and available on the web. When so many students - and lawyers - across India don't have money to spend on law books the last thing they want to be spending money on is a citation manual. A recent article by Bar and Bench on SILC can be found here.
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