Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Further analysis of the RTE judgment

Anup's stimulating post on the RTE judgment sets out some of the salient issues at stake, and has initiated a discussion on what is likely to be regarded as a significant case in Indian constitutional jurisprudence.

This post on the PRS blog provides some more basic information about the judgments delivered in the case. Today's Indian Express features a column by Pratap Bhanu Mehta which analyses the judgments in part. However, I think it fair to say that Mehta's analysis focuses less on the reasoning of the judgments, and more on the practical issues and the political economy that underlie a discussion of the legal issues at stake. Indeed, Mehta's claim is that the judgment is poorer for not focusing on the "real issues" at stake in the debate. Rajeev Dhavan's analysis on the judgment is available here on the India Today website. His reasoning seems cryptic at times, but fits with Mehta's analysis with a focus on the practical impact of contemporary policies of education.
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