Saturday, January 23, 2010

Supreme Court and free speech

Supreme Court's observations while hearing Khushboo's case have offended many well-meaning people. "Why did you make such an extensive wise statement on virginity?" the Bench comprising the CJI,J.M.Panchal, and B.S.Chauhan asked. And according to some reports, the Bench also ticked her off for being immature and irresponsible, even declaring: "It is difficult to digest her statement. We cannot accept her contention that she did not commit any offence". The bench asked for the full transcript of the magazine interview.

Antara Dev Sen, in this hard-hitting article in Asian Age, not only regrets the Court's attitude to Khushboo's remarks on pre-marital sex, but asserts: "Even if the Supreme Court judges are uncomfortable with what is being said — and it would be tragic if our Chief Justice and others find liberal values undesirable — the right of an Indian citizen to speak her mind cannot be denied." Sen also expresses outrage at two other episodes which threaten free speech.
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