Tuesday, January 26, 2010

20 judgments which expanded the idea of India

I strongly recommend to this blog The Indian Express's Republic day special issue on the twenty court cases that have expanded the idea of India. Spread across six full pages, the special issue focuses on landmark cases, seen through the eyes of the petitioners/litigants/lawyers who made it happen.

Since, the rare photos are also a delight, I suggest the epaper version (if you click on the link, you will go to page one. The special issue starts on page 15 and ends on page 20.)

The issue was a result of a detailed in-house effort (with inputs from Sidharth Chauhan, and Vivek Reddy who also blogs here). I hope the choice of profilees sparks a raucous debate on this blog, while serving to inform (and entertain) millions of Indians less familiar with our Constitutional history.
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