Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Access to healthcare: Draft National Health Bill

Two recent pieces on access to healthcare may interest our readers:
(i) this Outlook story shows how the meager healthcare resources at AIIMS that are currently accessible by the poor may not continue to be so if recent policy recommendations are accepted. Not that it would make too much of a difference in a system where almost all quality healthcare is private and prohibitively expensive for a good section of the population.
(ii) Krishnamoorthy's opinion in the Hindu examines certain policy options for providing meaningful universal access to healthcare.

A January 2009 version of the Draft National Health Bill is available here. I have not given it more than a cursory glance, but the Bill appears to incorporate 'progressive realisation' and 'minimum core' standards well-established in international and comparative (esp South African) law. Colin Gonzalves takes a critical look at the Bill here.

Barring one exception, this blog has not discussed this very important issue of right to health in any detail. I hope that this post will encourage our readers to analyse and comment upon the draft Bill.

: This opinion piece in today's Hindu on the medical policy and absence of doctors in rural areas may also be interesting.
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