Saturday, September 26, 2009

All in the family

A Maharashtra Assembly ticket given by the Congress party to President Pratibha Patil’s son not only questions the independence of the president's office, it highlights one of the gravest problems in Indian politics today – the pervasiveness of dynasties. This blog had earlier questioned this trend. I have previously reported on how 62 percent of young MPs in the current Lok Sabha come from political families. While recently reporting on a tangential topic, I realised how family has become the substitute for even local party structures. Those defending this trend argue thus: in a country where families dominate all professions (just look at our legal system), young politicos have to atleast prove their mettle to voters. So what is the real problem with dynasties in politics?


Seema Chishti's nuanced take on this subject appeared in The Indian Express opinion page today.

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