Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Supreme Court Judges agree to declare assets

The Supreme Court Judges, after a marathon meeting, have reportedly agreed to put details of their assets on the SC's website. Here is the breaking story. The RTI applicant, Subhash C.Agrawal, whose RTI application started it all, would never have imagined that his innocuous application seeking to know whether the Judges have been complying with the in-house directive to submit asset details to the CJI, would finally succeed in forcing the Apex Judiciary submit to public opinion. Here is Agrawal's original RTI application, which he promptly emailed to me.

Shri Ashok Kumar ji
Central Public Information Officer
Supreme Court of India
Tilak Marg
New Delhi 110001

According to a HT news-report (copy enclosed), a resolution was passed on 07.05.1997 by 22 Honourable judges of the Supreme Court presided by the then Honourable Chief Justice of India Mr Justice JS Verma ji requiring “every judge to make a declaration of all assets in form of real estate or investments held in their name or their spouse and any person dependent on them, to the Chief Justice”. I will be obliged if your honour very kindly arranges to send me a copy of the said resolution. I may bring to your kind notice that your predecessor Shri S Chaterjee was kind enough to provide me earlier on request a copy each of ‘Restatement of values of judicial life” and “In-house procedure”.

I will be obliged if your honour kindly provides me information on any such declaration of assets etc ever filed by Honourable judges of the Supreme Court. Kindly also arrange information if High Court judges are submitting declaration about their assets etc to respective Chief Justices in states. Postal Order Number 59E 110038 for rupees ten in name of Registrar (Administration) is enclosed towards RTI fees.



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