Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The importance of free and fair elections

When Jayalalithaa and Ram Vilas Paswan complain about rigging in the EVMs, we ridicule or pity them, convinced as we are about the strength of EVMs. When Subramanian Swamy writes about the issue, we,however, need to take notice. Here, I am giving the links to the articles which Swamy refers to (+ an interview on the outcome of Iran elections), so that we could take an informed view about the issue.

It may look odd to consider the suspicions about the EVMs along with the lessons from the Iran elections. But the juxtaposition is not completely misplaced. The Indian elections are not free from irregularities - the case of missing names of voters from the voters' lists across the nation due to various factors, including that of the E.C.'s limitations, is predominant among them. Yet India has been lucky so far in that no losing Opposition leader has seriously challenged the credibility of the results in almost all the general elections.

Relevant links:

1.Newsweek interview with the Vice-President of the Carter Center on Iranian elections.
2.Evgeny Morozov's article on e-voting machines in Newsweek.
3. Are electronic voting-machines tamper proof? by Subramanian Swamy in The Hindu
4. Trustworthy voting: From Machines to system: Abstract of the article in IEEE.

Update: The Hindu carried some critical letters on Dr.Swamy's article.
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