Friday, May 15, 2009

EC pats itself on the successful completion of elections

The E.C. has generally received praise from the media as well as the political parties for its reasonable success in completing the 15th General Elections satisfactorily. Here, in this press release, the E.C. congratulates itself, by bringing to notice some of the highlights of this election. Contrary to what one might have expected, the full Commission has chosen to express its gratitude to the former CEC, N.Gopalaswami, for having guided the elections till the first phase was over. The highlight of this highlight is that the staff strength of the EC's secretariat in New Delhi is just 310! When you consider the huge scale of this election, it is indeed surprising. But is the Commission's "immense satisfaction" over its performance justified? With so many voters complaining about their non-inclusion in the rolls, clearly there is a case for streamlining enrolment, so that we are able to at least enrol all who want to vote.
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