Thursday, April 30, 2009


Justice Arijit Pasayat of the Supreme Court is retiring on May 9, and has been one of the most active Judges in the history of Indian Supreme Court. Having been appointed on October 19, 2001, Justice Pasayat has so far delivered 2227 judgments (as on April 30, 2009). Only a comparison could reveal whether it is also the highest number of judgments to emanate from a single Judge so far. Tomorrow, he is delivering judgment in the most-awaited matter regarding vacation of stay on the trial of Gujarat carnage cases (NHRC vs. State of Gujarat) by disposing as many as 25 petitions at one go. Truly, his contribution to reducing the Supreme Court's docket in the last nine years is phenomenal. Justice Pasayat also happens to be one of the most controversial Judges, in terms of the intense debates that some of his judgments invited. Hopefully, he will write his memoirs to throw light on the judicial controversies that marked the Supreme Court during the last nine memorable years, and contribute to the legal scholarship in other ways. LAOT wishes him a long and productive life ahead on the eve of his retirement. It is hoped that some of us on this blog could assess his contribution dispassionately.

Tarunabh adds: In a rape and murder case decided this week, Justice Pasayat orders death penalty, but Justice Ganguly dissents. It will surely reopen the DP debate when the 3-judge bench looks at it. The judgments are here and here.
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