Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rethinking Social Justice Remedies

This is a certainly thought-provoking, although not completely novel, presentation by Yogendra Yadav in Mysore. It is a reprise of a talk he gave previously on the same subject, and was covered on this blog. Yadav's central theme is spot on -- there has been great intellectual paralysis in discussing social justice remedies in India. It is stunning that, although almost two decades have passed since the Indian economy opened-up, social justice and affirmative action has been exclusively focussed on reservations in government jobs ignoring the new hierarchies of social exclusion in the private and non-governmental sectors. I'm personally against mandatory quotas for private companies. But we urgently need more imaginative approaches, such as tax and financial incentives, that encourage private entities, both large and small, to voluntarily embrace social inclusion and diversity.
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