Tuesday, December 30, 2008


1. I co-authored an article in the latest Frontline aiming to offer a semantic analysis of the Parliament debate on anti-terror laws and their implications.

2. Nick Robinson, our co-blogger, in this stimulating and well-argued piece suggests that the reason for the huge backlog of cases in the Supreme Court is the number and type of cases it accepts rather than the number of judges.

3.My review of Zoya Hasan's Politics of Inclusion: Castes, Minorities, and Affirmative Action. and why I think the book makes a key contribution to the debate on equality.

4. M.J.Antony says complex questions have been referred to larger benches but they have lapsed from memory in this review of the Supreme Court in 2008.

5.A.G.Noorani says in this essay on Pakistan's burden that international law imposes an unqualified obligation on Pakistan to punish the conspirators behind the Mumbai attacks. AGN also offers a critique of the CJI's speech on terrorism, both on facts and reasoning.
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