Friday, September 26, 2008

Nanavati Report on Godhra tragedy

The much-talked about Nanavati Report on the Godhra tragedy is here. I am yet to read the report, but what I found was that a parallel inquiry held by Justice U.C.Banerjee, set up by the Union Ministry of Railways has been prevented from making its report public by the Gujarat High Court. The report has been submitted to the Railway Board in early 2006, but the High Court has restrained the Central Government from tabling the report in Parliament. This is despite the fact that the the Banerjee committee's interim report presented in 2005 has been tabled in Parliament and has been in the public domain. The Union of India first appealed against the Gujarat High Court's single Judge order staying the tabling of the report, which was later upheld by a Division Bench. The Governemnt appealed against the DB judgment in the Supreme Court, which also rejected the appeal without giving a reasoned judgment. More on this later.

ADDENDUM: My article here compares the Interim report of the Banerjee committee with the Commission Report on the cause of the fire.
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