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March 12

M.J.Antony on the latest SC judgment in the Uphaar case

March 10

Rajeev Dhavan proposes ICAC to protect free speech and fight legally the bullies who threaten our freedom of expression.

March 8, 2014

Safeguarding the many histories of India

Raju Ramachandran on Kaushal at JILS

Abhinav on JAC

Anil Divan on judicial appointments


Pratiksha Baxi on Apologies aside, a commentary on sexual biases within journalism, following alleged rape of his colleague by Tehelka editor in chief Tarun Tejpal






Rajeev Dhavan on flawed democracy:  stops short of calling the NOTA judgment naive.

PBM ON Blunt hammer syndrome: How Govt bungled it by not adopting a nuanced response to the Lily thomas


Raju R on NOTA


India's muddled thinking on death sentence


Yug Mohit Choudhry on why death sentence for the Delhi gang rape convicts was not legally justified.

Why hysterical celebrations on death sentence are worrying


Justice Chandru on the protests against recent nominations to Madras HC
JAC Bill : Primacy of the CJI to be maintained



M.J.Antony column on Bench Press in BS


Beware of 120thAmendment: K.N.Bhat

Raju Ramachandran on the Judges appointments Bill
Arvind P.Datar on Speaker's powers
SC on rape convicts getting lesser sentence

Rajeev Dhavan on the SC's AOR judgment

Mental Health care Bill : some concerns

Ram Guha on NBA's struggle
Telegraph on decriminalising suicide
275 Judges posts vacant

Cabinet tinkers with judge appointments
IE EDIT on judges appointments bill
West Bengal law to deny political prisoner status to terrorists etc.

Bill to decriminalise suicide tabled
SC norms on rapists' deal with victims soon
TOI calls the food bill as ill-conceived
TOI on Dabholkar assassination and free speech

TH on the demand for ban on Madras Cafe
On the recent SC ruling minerals
Why the food security Bill matters to developing Asia
Reading PM and President's speech together
Maharashtra: SC's police reform directive unconstitutional 
Triple talaq has no sanction in  Quran: Hanif Murad
TH on Vice President's remark on federation of anarchists
TH on passage of Companies Bill
Sainath's ground report on Telengana
CJI to hold consultation on Judicial Commission Bill
Explaining a strong undercurrent of regional spirit in India
Judge recuses from the RTI case on AG
Freedom from bad governance
PBM on the premises that led to partition, and which shape the politics in south Asia
take the broom: parties must address courts' concerns on criminalisation
Medical students have ethical obligation to serve rural society

M.J.Antony on why Parliament cannot pass laws to undo judgments
How impossible GST became inevitable
Silver linings on the eve of IDAY
TOI on filling judicial vacancies


Paranjoy Guha Thakurta on the lack of political consensus behind economic reforms

Constitution does not define minorities, Govt tells RS
Cannot give time frame for Telengana: PC
Riot cases fall across country
Parties oppose EC's bid to curb poll expenses
IE on the Kishtwar violence
IE says MOEF and Green tribunal create conditions for illegal mining
India speaks 780 languages
A reparative justice: Article on victims' rights in IE
Centre seeks CBI probe into fund misuse in NREGS
Salman rushdie says people are easily offended

First amendment to RTI Act tabled
Rohan Mukherjee on India's restrictive visa regime


Rajeev Dhavan on formation of Telengana
Indians are becoming increasingly intolerant
Gujarat: sifting fact from fiction
A special levy on Muslims in Ahmedabad? Abhorrent.
Narendra Modi and Shivraj have failed tribals
Political class must not block moves to cleanse politics
Will Govt restrict number of Padma awards
one in three judge posts vacant in HCs
Sunita Narain on illegal mining of sand
BS in favour of 115th Constitution Amendment Bill on GST
New companies law is welcome but incomplete: BS
Threats made Rushdie write more novels
Justice A.P.Shah and Arghya defend Lily Thomas and Jan Chowkidar
We need independent authority to decide postings and transfers
Why India needs a privacy law
Aruna Rodrigues on why GM crops could become mainstay of Indian agriculture
IE on Telengana fallout in Darjeeling
Towards more responsible management of LOC and LAC
The wrong way to food security

Open magazine on absences in Supreme Court
Tehelka on statehood movements in north-east
Supreme court lawyer Karuna Nandi on her work, courtesy: Mint


Usha Ramanathan on why India must sign upto ICC
less corporate, more social
Sanjay Hegde on Justice Kabir judgment in reservations case
Gopalkrishna Gandhi's I Day thoughts
Livelaw on Manohar Lal Sharma's PILs


How centre ignores Nagaland's special status
Cabinet okays leasing option in land bill


For a more inclusive 
ballot by Anup Surendranath


PBM ON A contagion of littleness
BJP's opposition to more FDI in insurance
Tussle between AICTE and UGC
Judges selection panel may have 2 non-jurists
Dalit writer arrested for FB post
IAS OFFICER suspension contempt of court: PIL
Draft privacy bill balances conflicting claims
Mulayam D.A. Case
Govt attempt to raise tribal incomes
BJP's about turn on insurance
Ronojoy Sen on the secular state card
Parliament supremacy under attack: MP
who wants to be a whistle blower?

Bangladesh HC's decision to cancel registration of Jamaat
consensus over Media self-regulation

Mrinal Satish on regulating acid sale

SC's new adds on for permitting mining

July 22, 2013:

Albeena Shakil on the acid case in the Supreme Court

Harsh Mander on the legal battle of Zakia Jafri and Shamima

IAP helps reduce Naxal violence

Govt supports ban on opinion polls

SC's NEET logic contrary to C.B. rulings

Indian express expose on encounter case in Supreme Court

PBM on how the big picture is changing in 10 frames

Governance now on Justice Kabir's legacy


Trickle down litigation: M.J.Antony


The case of the overworked court


A satire on  recent judicial aberrations


A case for quotas in promotions

August 20
Utility of Private Members' Bills

M.K.Venu on why Team Anna does not qualify as a movement

Rajeev Dhavan on why North East may well be lost

July 30
Soli Sorabjee on President's crucial role

July 20
SC to review merit of 2G prez ref
Justice M.Katju's advice to Pakistan judiciary

June 27

Important issues referred to larger benches remain in the record room: M.J.Antony

Law Minister unaware of the status of anti-torture Bill

June 20

A defiant Judgment: 
Rajeev Dhavan on the Pakistan Judiciary

May 29

Cover story on End of the Growth Story. You can access the contents and other articles here.

May 23
On Parliament's just-concluded session: an unfinished agenda
Lawrence Liang: The work of art in the age of mechanical injunctions
on the pending whistleblower bill
On the white paper on black money
M.J.A. on copyrights and wrongs
Tax reform not immunity can curb black money

May 21
Cartoon and after : article by Kancha Illiah
Prabhat Patnaik's stimulating piece in The Hindu on the cartoon controversy
copyright amendments: rendering justice after decades of denial
Prabhat Bhanu Mehta on the blurring of distinction between BJP and the Congress

May 20
Changes recommended by the Standing Committee on the LARR Bill

May 16

M.J.Antony on Constitutional turf warA resolute Supreme Court justifies its role in fighting corruption

Censors in the House:   Ronojoy Sen on the cartoon controversy.

May 16

Frontline's latest issue is on the legal reporting guidelines case just concluded in the Supreme Court. It also includes interviews with Justice J.S.Verma and television anchor, Rajdeep Sardesai.  The contents of other articles may be accessed from here.

May 15

The worst form of censorship is the one that lies in the mind of the author. In any case, a text pruned  of the possibility of misreading is a text devoid of any interest  and substance.   The censorship that the Dalit leadership and its loyal intellectuals demand today could end up deifying Ambedkar into an empty symbol, worse than any caricature. –YY in Dangers of Deletion

Reading Politics and the politics of reading by Janaki Nair
Hardly funny: R.Akhileshwari

May 12

Agenda before  New Legal Affairs Secy

May 7
Sending Sachin to Rajya Sabha a travesty: Rajeev Dhavan
Govt does a khap by raising age of consent
Advani to face conspiracy charges for demolition
May 5
Shailesh Gandhi, IC, laments frequent appeals and stay orders that make the RTI law toothless.

Dileep Padgoankar on new narrative on Jammu and Kashmir
Manoj Mitta on why the proposed bill on the age of consent is out of sync
RTE: people vs. the law
May 4
The Supreme Court Advocates on Record Association has passed a resolution to refrain from briefing Singhvi.  The Bar and Bench carries the resolution and the interesting comments here.   Legally India's post is here.
Promotion quota for SC/STs: Times Now Debate
Is prior sanction required under AFSPA? PRS blog discusses the issue.

May 3
Govt. to tweak SC/ST promotion quota

May 2
M.J.ANTONY on delays in filing appeals
Will Pathribal victims get justice?
Media cannot reject regulation: Katju
Should quota extend to promotions?
May 1:
Should India have a non-political president?

April 30:
Court urges rethink on age of consent
Lawrence Liang on the recent threats to freedom of speech and expression
MV Enrica Lexie case analysed
Is Sachin's nomination to RS legal?
Debate on age of consent: why make this poor law?
Muzzling the social media

April 27:
Historic Right to Hearing Bill in Rajasthan
Rajasthan enacts law (IANS story).  Story on another site. (Bill available on the Primary Sources Page)

April 25:
M.J.Antony on Bonanza for bystanders

April 23:
Supreme Court's oldest pending cases
Arun Jaitley on court-inspired censorship
Ten ways of being foolish: Katju
How to fulful RTE promise
Article on NREGA
GST would be single biggest reform

April 22, 2012

Frontline's cover story on Patents v Patients

Planning Commission recommends performance appraisal of Judges.

Implementing is the key

Centre moves SC in ship sinking case

April 15, 2012:
Government's affidavit in the Haj case in SC

January 2012

Tribune has carried a series of insightful articles on the controversy over Army Chief's age. The articles can be read here.


Supreme Court: Balancing Act: Article in Mint

Times Now v. Justice Sawant defamation case

The Seven deadly sins of Judges
Peer review


Why right to recall is flawed

How legislature ducks judgments: M.J.Antony
Should voters have the right to recall
Jan Lokpal Bill and Parliament
Can the Governor cancel the Guj.Lokayukta's appointment?
Many  holes to fill in land bill
Questions of privilege by C.V.Madhukar
The Lokpal Bill: The middle path

Right to recall?

SC cited wrong case law in black money case
Sen resigns on the eve of impeachment in Lok Sabha
Soli Sorabjee on the right to recall
CVC to question overlap

Hedge to draft Bihar Lokayukta bill

Dipankar Gupta on the challenge to Parliament

On the abortive sports bill
Lokayukta tussle in Gujarat
Mend your ways or face protests: SC
court should not encroach on executive turf; sc

Janlokpal Bill regressive: Arundhati Roy
House Panel looking at Lokpal to be rejigged

M.J.Antony on the beginnings of Fourth Judges case

Team Anna seeks clarity on timeline

August 30

PBM's column
Negative Implications of Anna movement for democracy
HCs crawl under collegium norms: vacancies galore
First draft of Grievance redressal bill ready
Lokpal Bill probably by winter session
High Court says drop as Governor as respondnet in Gujarat Lokayuktha appt. case
Zoya Hasan in TOI
Paranjay Guha Thakurta
Need to look beyond Lokpal
Rahul Gandhi's proposal.  Against Rahul proposal
Parties against poll reforms
Lower bureaucracy under Lokpal
Parliamentary Standing Comm. report on Judicial standards and accountability bill (HT News report)
Lokpal Bill: Jinxed history
Anna Glass is half empty: Mail Today 1 and

August 29
The search for a perfect Bill
J.S.Verma on Lokpal as Constitutional Body
Post-Anna electoral reforms likely to get a fresh thrust
The grand illusion by Amitav Ghosh
PUCL voices concern over Lokpal Bill
Will finalise report in shortest possible time: Singhvi

Lokpal: legal practical problems over demands
Government plans National Judicial Panel
Singhvi on the agenda before Parl.Standing committee
Gujarat HC to hear State Government's plea against Governor's appointment

August 26
Rajiv Gandhi assassin's mother pleads for son's life
Four drafts before Parliament
Pre-legislative consultation
Comparison of Ombudsman

Team Anna Aruna Roy converge

August 25

Contents of the current issue here.
*The inordinate delay in the rejection of mercy petitions by the President could lead to the commutation of death sentences by the judiciary.
*The apex court upholds an order allowing students to inspect their answer sheets but makes discomfiting observations on the scope of the RTI Act.
*Supreme Court in the dock on RTI

August 24
Ramachandra Guha on AH and JP
One Bill, 3 ways to look at it
Aruna Roy on alternative Lokpal
SC says it can bar reporters from court
Lokpal Bill:common grouinds and sticking points
Dipankar Gupta column
Nivedita Menon

August 23
*Lack of statecraft the reason for civil society insurgency
*Would-be Judges flunk law test
*Ambedkar's way and A.H.'s methods
*The way out of Lokpal logjam
*Disposal of cases without speaking orders decried
*Oppose sanction condition, Swamy tells AH
*Anna v Aruna
*State funding of polls not a good idea
*Mail Today articles on Anna. Pages 10 & 11

August 22
*Arundhati Roy on why she'd rather not be Anna
*M.R.Madhavan on the new information technology rules.
*Jaya Jaitly mourns the absence of politics in Anna's movement.
What parties think of Lokpal
*CBI awaits nod to act against 279 corrupt officials.
August 21
*Patrick French in HT

August 19

*SC extends stay on the release of Hasan Ali
*Land Return: Larger SC Bench to examine
*HC to Modi: Why no Lokayukta for 7 years
*A.H's fasts
*Shashi Tharoor on Indian Parliament
*Parties back Anna's right to dissent, but reject his main demand
*Will Anna wave last?
*Differences within govt. on engaging hazare
*A critique of Jan Lokpal by J.S.Bandukwala
*Team Anna is as blinkered and narrow-visioned as...
*Why it is so hard to budge a Judge? by P.P.Rao
*Now, Nirmal Yadav seeks anticipatory bail from High Court
* How the Government's advisers bungled by adopting a legal rather than a political strategy to Anna's challenge. Read this Open article

August 18:
*A nuanced article on justifying the protests against Aarakshan film, but not the ban. The author argues that the film is paternalistic because there is no aarakshan in bollywood. Read on.
*HC clears deck for release of not a love story
*Ramaswamy R.Iyer on the new Land Acquisition Draft Bill
*The land law and justice: Article in BS
*Bhim Singh challenges Anna's arrest
*A critique of Anna's methods
*Another critique of Anna's protest and the Govt's response in IE
*IE edit on impeachment motion
*Jyotirmaya Sharma's critique of Anna Hazare
*Anna and Gandhi compared
*Satyagraha to fight injustice
*State v Anna

*TOI on Anna's arrest
*OBC admission: Supreme Court upholds Delhi HC order
*Preventive Detention only when peace is in imminent danger:SC
*Will the SIT on Black money solve the problem: BS debate
*The challenges of direct democracy
*MJAntony on property rights riddles in BSAugust 17:

*Higher court Judges don't want to decide complex cases: SC (see Judgments page)
*SC wants report on corruption in NTRO

August 14:
*IDAY SPECIAL: on Democracy, Constitution and Governance

August 12:
*Dinakaran's bid to withdraw his resignation
*Team Anna and Parliamentary Standing Committee exchanges

*Prakash Jha moves SC

August 11:
*Home Min. recommends death for Afzal Guru
*Govt wants to read your tweets
*Cracks in civil society over Lokpal
*House panel mirrors Anna's views
*RS to initiate motion on Sen's impeachment
*Aruna Roy slams lack of public debate on Lokpal
*Merits of shifting RS's question hour
*Parliament's business: Indian express edit
*How the courts are dealing with U.K. riots
*President rejects mercy petitions of Rajiv Gandhi killers
*Cameron's broken windows

August 10
*PBM on the draft Land Acquisition Bill

Soli Sorabjee on the demand for ban on Aarakshan film
Shekhar Gupta walks the talk with Salman Khurshid, new Law Minister
New Land Bill with retrospective effect: Jairam Ramesh
Hang the cops behind fake encounters: SC
SC admits 2 more petitions against Ayodhya verdict

JULY 26, 2011

Frontline's new issue is on the fall of Murdoch. The contents of the issue can be accessed here.

JULY 24, 2011

*No activism in apex court, says Gopal Subramanium
*Supreme Court says it has sky-high powers to chase injustice
*CJI doles out hard talk on green governance
* An argument against partial state funding of elections

JULY 22, 2011

*Why the Court disbanded Chhattisgarh SPOs by Nandini Sundar

JULY 21, 2011
* The right to write by Salil Tripathi
*NAC's defence of prevention of communal violence bill
T.R.Andhyarujina on judicial activism

* Armed Forces: SC recalls own order

JULY 15, 2011
*Rethink the Communal Violence Bill

JULY 13, 2011

* Outgoing Law Minister, Veerappa Moily on why he was being shifted.
* The Jairam brand of governance
* Many a challenge before the new Law Minister, Salman Khursheed

Frontline's latest issue examines whether the recent price hike is justified. The list of contents is here.

JULY 11, 2011
* Madhav Khosla on the Padmanabhaswami Temple case

* PBM on Salwa judum judgment

* Manoj Joshi says Salwa Judum judgment is bad in law, worse as policy.


JUNE 30, 2011

*II part of Kapil Sibal's article in HT on Lokpal

JUNE 28, 2011

Frontline's latest issue carries a cover story on the Right to Education Act, with all articles critical of lapses in its implementation.
There are other articles which may be of interest to readers.

JUNE 27, 2011

*Kapil Sibal's article in HT against the Jan Lokpal Bill

JUNE 25, 2011

1 comment:

Adesh Jain said...

The country is passing through a very crucial phase these days. A sense of renaissance is in the air. Common man is feeling suffocated due to rampant corruption, lethargy and arrogance of present regime. Anna Hazare has incarnated in the form of a crusader, who has aroused the hopes of billions of people to live with dignity.

Questions are being raised about propriety of his movement. They are seeing dangers for the constitution and parliamentary democracy. I have to raise certain issues.

1- Constitution was enacted to fulfill the wishes of the people. If the constitution could not deliver the desired results, why should we not rewrite the constitution ?
2- Constitution is liable to the people or people are liable to the constitution ?
3- Was this not a failure of the Constitution , when Sri Lalu Yadav , after resigning from post of Bihar CM, for charges of corruption, could appoint his wife at the post ?
4- Is this not a failure of constitution, when several times , Governments are saved or discharged by purchasing our legislators, MPs like cattles ?
5- I think thousands of questions can be asked from these so called saviours of democracy and constitution. They have hijacked democracy, as they have learnt the art of winning elections.. I think they should do some soul searching, and if they can find it somewhere, they should ask these questions.