Friday, September 12, 2008


In pursuit of our efforts to provide links to primary and secondary sources for discussing contemporary issues and controversies, here are some which we may find useful in writing our posts and comments:

1. The Chief Justice of India's letter to the Prime Minister requesting impeachment of Justice Soumitra Sen. (Thanks to The Hindu website)

2. Text of PM's address while releasing Justice Bhagwati's book.

3. Article by Krishna Iyer on Jusice, Justices, and Justicing.

4. Article on changes proposed in Judges Inquiry Bill, 2006.

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Perakath said...

Do you have any thoughts on the CJI's moves to 'go after' judges? While it is of course commendable to punish graft in any sphere, it struck me as breaking ranks, of a sort. Do you think CJ Balakrishnan's recommendations give the Executive any extra scope to push for measures to reduce the independence of the judiciary? I'd be interested to hear your views.