Friday, March 30, 2007

Supreme Court stays UPA govt's OBC quota policy

Yesterday, the Supreme Court appears to have issued an order staying the UPA government's initiative to impose new quotas for OBCs. Here are reports of the stay order and the Court's general observations in the Hindu and the Indian Express. Its still a bit early to comment on what the Court has said - we may have to wait a while before informed analysis of the Court's decision starts pouring in, after people have had a chance to read the actual text of the order issued by the Court.

This will certainly dominate headlines for a few days, providing a welcome respite from endless debate over India's exit from the cricket World Cup.


Vivek said...

Could some one either post the judgment or a provide a link to the judgment. The Hindu coverage, as usual, was very comprehenive. But it is nice to have the original judgment.
From the little one gets to deciper from the judgment, it was a logical application of the principles in Indra Sawhney. I wonder what prevents petitioners from challeging OBC reservation at the state level and OBC reservation in jobs.

V.Venkatesan said...

Vivek, available on the It was delivered on March 29.

V.Venkatesan said...

I am giving more details to help you access it on a free site:
I.A.No.13 in W.P. (Civil) No.265 of 2006. Ashoka Kumar Thakur Vs.UOI

Aditya Swarup said...

you can download the whoe case judgment here..

links available there